Coronavirus guidance at BR

Attending appointments when unwell

All our practices follow strict infection control and cleaning protocols. All staff have completed the COVID-19 course and Hand Hygiene training, plus infection control training as applicable. Each room is cleaned between patients and the practice follows set daily cleaning protocols.

Please help us maintain this environment by not attending your appointment if you are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms or are in isolation as a contact or due to a positive test result

Should you need to reschedule please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with this.

Mask Mandates

If there is a State mask mandate in place at the time of your visit, you are expected to comply with this unless you have a lawful reason not to.

If you are asked for a reason, please do not act aggressively towards our staff, they are simply doing their job. They are understanding if you have a lawful reason not to.

Social Distancing

To maintain appropriate distancing within our practice under the current Health recommendations we ask that a maximum of one person accompany the patient. In some locations or under particular Health Directives, this may be further limited to only patients and no accompanying persons; there are exemptions in those situations when the additional person is there as carer or guardian or in an emergency situation.

For our practices located within a hospital, those facilities are currently unable to allow unvaccinated accompanying people, unless in the capacity as a carer or guardians, or if they are under 16. In these circumstances general restrictions such as needing to wear a mask at all times will apply at all times.

All our practices are registered with their State Health departments for QR check-in. These can be found close to the entrance and additionally within the waiting area. All persons entering the site are asked to comply with the current requirement at the time to check-in. Any visitor who is not there in the capacity of a patient will be asked to sign a visitor register as well.

Obstetric (pregnancy) Ultrasound

We understand that a partner or close family member is often requested to be in the room during an obstetric ultrasound. These rooms are limited in space and depending on the current restrictions for the State and practice, your partner / family member may not be able to attend. If they are able to, they may be invited in for the last part of the scan only. For the same reason, we request that additional children are not brought in to the practice for these scans.

We recommend you check at the time of booking if there are any restrictions, but note that they may change between that time and the date of the appointment. We know this may be disappointing for you, but these measures are an important part of the health directives. You are able to receive an image via MMS immediately after your appointment and for some scans we can provide additional images as well.

During the ongoing covid situation you may experience longer than usual wait times and service availability at some of our clinics may be disrupted due to isolation requirements. We will endeavour to minimise the disruption and thank you for your understanding and patience with our team while they assist you.