Radiology & Imaging Services

We are a community radiology practice, driven by providing cost-effective quality diagnostic imaging to the local community. All Medicare services are bulk billed for the patient. Our comprehensive practices use leading technology to deliver timely, accurate results across many modalities from general x-ray and ultrasound, to CT, MRI, mammography, and a large range of interventional procedures.

Imaging Services

BR has a highly experienced team of Interventional Radiologists and offers a large range of image guided procedures.

We have a highly skilled team, who use modern x-ray equipment to scan and create imagery of your bones (or teeth) and related issues.

A mammogram can be used as a check for people who have no symptoms, or to check a breast lump/ change that can be seen or felt by the referring doctor.

We have the highest grade, modern ultrasound equipment, with trained staff in every location for a range of ultrasound scans including echocardiogram.

Bone Densitometry is a useful tool to detect early onset osteoporosis.

A CT scanner uses x-rays to obtain data which is then processed by a special computer. Detailed images of soft tissue, blood vessels and bone are produced.

MRI does not use x-rays, is not painful and is not known to be harmful. We have fully trained staff operating our machines.

BR offers certain scans that are non-diagnostic and do not require a referral form. 3D Pregnancy Packages and Body Composition Scans are currently both available.

Further information on these procedures including reference sheets are provided by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) at

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