Body Composition

Who Should Get A Whole-Body Composition Scan?
  • Anyone who is considering or in the process of losing weight
  • Athletes who want to monitor their fat and muscle mass levels
  • Anyone with obesity-related medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease etc.
  • Body builders

Body Composition is Very Important for Overall Health & for Athletic Performance.

An excessive amount of body fat is a risk factor for:

  • Heart disease;
  • Type II diabetes, and other diseases;
  • At the same time, having too little body fat can be detrimental to your health;
  • For many athlete’s performance is improved with optimal body composition.
What Results Are Produced?

From every total body DEXA scan you get the following information including:

  • Total body bone mineral density;
  • Total body muscle mass (kg);
  • Total body fat mass (kg);
  • Total body fat percentage;
  • Muscle and fat mass of the trunk and each of your arms and legs.